Capstone Film

The story of a young man’s relationship with his body which strains as he struggles with muscle dysmorphia and orthorexia nervousa.

Directors Statement

"From the flicker of an idea to the full-fledged narrative, "Distorted" evolved into a passion project fueled by curiosity, compassion, and a desire to delve into the physical, mental, and emotional complexities often faced by men. "Distorted" is a deeply personal exploration of men's mental health issues, inspired by a moment of clarity before a pitch session. The narrative evolved from random word associations, ultimately focusing on the taboo topics of self-image and disordered eating among men. Extensive research and conversations with male friends informed the authentic portrayal of the protagonist's journey. Drawing inspiration from cinematic influences like "Pumping Iron" and "The Wrestler," the film delves into the psychological struggles faced by male characters. Through iterative development, the plot and character motivations evolved, leading to a focus on intimate moments to reflect the protagonist's emotional journey. The ultimate aim is to spark dialogue and promote awareness of men's mental health issues, challenging societal norms and fostering compassion and support."

Production Photos


Premiere @

Ragtag Cinema

Columbia, MO

May 8, 2023

No Coast Film Fest

Emporia, KS

August 27, 2023

Centre Film Festival

Philipsburg, PA

October 30, 2023

Santa Clarita International Film Festival

Santa Clarita, CA

December 8, 2023